Hi Guys. So in the last tutorial i showed you guys how to create web socket using spring boot application to send market data to front end in real time. So in this tutorial i will be showing how to show that data in our flutter app. To get to know how we created our flutter app so far you can read the latest post of the flutter series.

As you may remember from our previous tutorials, we created a class called HomePage and then inside it we showed our StockList class to show the stock data taken from the…

Hi guys, So we have completed creating a cool stock market application which displays real stock market information for a set of Symbols. In this tutorial we are going to see how to send real time stock market data to front end using a web socket.

For crating the web socket, first we have to add some dependencies to our build.gradle file. So after adding the web socket dependency, now our build.gradle file’s dependencies should look like this.

dependencies {
implementation 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter'
implementation 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-websocket'
implementation 'com.yahoofinance-api:YahooFinanceAPI:3.15.0'
implementation 'org.projectlombok:lombok'
testImplementation 'org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient'
testImplementation 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-test'

Codes and details about the project so…

Hi Guys, So this is the final tutorial of the Stock market app creation tutorials. In future if possible i will try to modify this by introducing you guys about web sockets and get real time market data to our app. but no worries guys because up until now we have come in a path to create a complete market watch list.

In this tutorial i will be discussing how to connect spring boot rest API to our Flutter UI which we almost finished in the last tutorial. So for now we have most of the things we need covered…

Hi Guys. In the last tutorial, I told you guys that we are going to use Flutter to create a front end app which then we will connect to the spring boot web application we created in the early tutorials. So in this tutorial, we will be creating the UI which we need for this task. Before starting the tutorial I should give credit to Mohammad Azam of the Youtube channel azamsharp for the cool video tutorial about this stock market flutter app. So guys most of the design is taken from that video. Please go and support him and…

Hi Guys. So in our tutorial series, we have created a spring boot application with an endpoint to get stock market data for a set of symbols. Now we are going to display those data in a watch list. This watch list will be created using Flutter. I’m not going to teach you basics of Flutter here. I’m simply guiding you to make an awesome app of your own. So here are the things you need.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Using VS code IDE we are going to install flutter. For that, Navigate to extensions in VS code…

Hi Guys. So we have created our Stock data service to get data for a single stock and in this tutorial i will be discussing how we can improve our code to send a set of data in JSON form. Tutorials up to now in this series,

So we will be writing a new end point “/getStock” for this. So the code is as follows.

List<StockModel> getStocks() {
StockService stockService = new StockService();
List<StockModel> stocks = new ArrayList<>();
String[] symbolArr = {"A", "AA", "AAC", "GOOG", "AMZN", "AAT", "AAN", "T", "TD", "TARO"…

Hi guys. So up to now we have developed a basic spring boot app which gets data from Yahoo finance API and show the stock price. So in this tutorial i’m just going to touch the unit testing area a little bit because when you work for a big tech company these practices comes handy. So here in this tutorial i will be using JUnit for unit testing. So if you look at the gradle.build file i have already shown you guys, It includes JUnit dependencies. So lets dive directly in to a test scenario in our code. …

So in my last tutorial, I promised you guys that I will be doing a production deployment of the spring boot application. Before doing that let's do some improvements to our codebase. Last tutorial link,

So in this tutorial i’m going to modify the code from previous tutorial to do something meaningful. So i will be creating an end point to obtain data from Yahoo financial API and send it to the client side. For this i’m going to add the yahoo finance api package to gradle file. So our new gradle file would be like this.

plugins {…

I’m not going to go in to many of the features and descriptions but just dive in to the world of Spring boot by creating a new application. To initialize the spring boot application we can either use gradle or maven. If you face any problem type it in comments i will personally look in to it. Final tutorial for this series,

IDE : Intelij

Build tool : Gradle

Java — 1.8

So first lets create a empty gradle project using intellij as follows.

After creating the project we will get a project with just two files. build.gradle and settings.gradle…

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I'm a software engineer at Sysco LABS. Graduated from faculty of enginering University of Peradeniya.

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